How to implement SSCC and EDI?

Your trading partner requires you to supply your pallets with an SSCC label and send an electronic delivery note? How does this all work?

1. Decide your trading partners and EDI messages

Decide which trading partner(s) you would like to start using SSCC labels and EDI for and which electronic messages must be exchanged. The most used GS1 EDI-messages are ORDERS (orders), DESADV (delivery notes) and INVOIC (invoices).

DESADV is an abbreviation for Despatch ADVice, an electronic delivery note. In this EDI message all information with regards to the shipment is stated, such as the receiver of the pallet, the product number (EAN/GTIN), the count and the SSCC (Serial Shipment Container Code). The SSCC is a worldwide unique identification of the pallet and is part of the SSCC label that is placed on the pallet.

The DESADV message may also be important for automating invoice checks. By using the EDI-messages DESADV, DESADV and INVOIC, the entire process of creating and checking invoices can be automated.

2. Choose the right EDI solution

Choose an EDI provider from one of the GS1 implementation partners or arrange the process yourself. In order to exchange EDI messages with your trading partner you need an EDI solution that transforms the data from your system to a standardized GS1 EDI message and sends it to your partner.

Palletlabel offers an integrated EDI solution (automated) and a web-based solution (manual). Which EDI solution you choose is up to you, regardless of the system that your trading partner uses. Get in touch with our Palletlabel team for an appointment by telephone or a quote.

The advantages of Palletlabel and EDI

The main advantages of EDI and SSCC-labeling are:

  • The DESADV indicates which products (EAN/GTIN) are on the pallet and in what quantity. The main advantage of an SSCC is, that at goods receipt, your trading partner can scan the SSCC label and the data is immediately visible in the WMS or ERP-system.
  • Your trading partner receives a notification of the shipment (DESADV), even the date and time can be included in this message. The information in the DESADV can be checked so that the processes can be aligned with the incoming shipment.
  • The goods are available for customers sooner because products are registered in the warehouse earlier.
  • By making use of ORDERS, DESADV and INVOIC, the entire process of creating and checking invoices can be automated.

The image shows the entire EDI process, including the creation of the SSCC Label.

SSCC Label EDI Palletlabel

Click on the image for a larger view

This is done using the SaaS application Palletlabel in combination with the integrated EDI platform of T2S.

3. How do I choose the right EDI solution?

Prepare for the appointment. The questions below might help you:

  1. For which trading partner(s) would you like to implement SSCC labels?
  2. Which EDI-messages do you wish to exchange with your trading partners?
  3. How many orders do you receive or expect to receive periodically?
  4. Do you send homogeneous or heterogeneous pallets (or both)?
  5. When would you like to start with SSCC labels and EDI?
  6. Are you a member of GS1?
  7. Did your trading partner(s) send you documentation with their requirements with regards to the SSCC labels and EDI?
  8. What ERP-system do you use?
  9. Do you have any wishes with respect to the message exchange? E.g. fast implementation, easy to use, do you wish to register orders automatically in your ERP-system?

4. How do you implement EDI?

If you have chosen Palletlabel and EDI we will start the implementation process. We communicate your GLN (Global Location Number) and GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) with your trading partner(s), streamlining this process is a prerequisite for successful EDI.

With the Palletlabel SaaS-application (web-based) you can easily manage your GLNs and GTINs. After all necessary EDI-messages and the SSCC label have been approved by your trading partner(s), we’ll give you a training by telephone after which the process can go live.

The Palletlabel and EDI-team wishes you a successful SSCC label and EDI roll-out!