Client-specific SSCC Labels

Does your client ask you for a specific SSCC label? Palletlabel is the right place! We offer many client-specific SSCC labels and if we don’t have the label layout, we’ll make it within 2 business days. Whether you need an SSCC label for Intergamma, Ahold Delhaize, COOP Denmark or Bidfood, it’s possible with Palletlabel!


Total Produce COOP SSCC labelThis is an example SSCC label that conforms to the requirements of COOP, trading partner of our client Total Produce.

Total Produce specializes in overseas fruit and uses our SaaS solution Palletlabel + EDI. This way, Total Produce both optimizes their logistic chain and meets requirements of large European retailers!

Palletlabel offers various labels and we can develop any label-layout that meets the requirements of your client and the GS1 standard.

How does this work in Palletlabel?

If you want a Palletlabel subscription, we will create your own Palletlabel environment based on your GS1 Company Prefix. We give a training by telephone before your environment goes live.

We upload your GLNs, the GS1 Location Numbers of your trading partners, and your GTINs, the Global Trade Item Numbers of your products, to your Palletlabel environment. You can also do this yourself. All GLNs and GTINs are centrally managed, and human error is decreased because it’s impossible to assign GTINs twice. As an administrator, you can create as many users as you like. An operator may only create labels.

Generating client-specific SSCC labels

Create SSCC labelIf all information that is required to generate SSCC labels has been provided, you can start creating the labels. You indicate what client you’ll send the pallet to via the Google-like search functionality, after which the extra fields will pop up that need to be filled on the label.

These fields are linked to the specific SSCC label layout that your client requires you to use. The number of fields to fill may therefore vary between different trading partners. Palletlabel guides the user, making the process less prone to human error.

You then indicate the article (GTIN) that you’ll deliver to the client. You click ‘OK’ and Palletlabel automatically generates the SSCC label including the SSSCC based on your GS1 Company Prefix.

Under ‘Recent Pallet Labels’, you can always see when a label was created, by who, and at what time. You can also download this report in Excel or CSV.

Advantages for you, added value of Palletlabel

You can quickly generate SSCC labels and send the electronic delivery note DESADV according to the GS1 Standard. You also easily meet the specific label requirements of your clients.

The advantages are:

  • There’s no need for the installment of software. Maintenance and management is supported by Palletlabel.
  • Creating and managing your unique article numbers (GTIN), location numbers (GLN) and pallet codes (SSCC) is possible with our Palletlabel SaaS-application. It’s also possible to download reports with your GTINs, GLNs or created labels.
  • Palletlabel is a Type2Solutions (T2S) product. T2S is GS1 Solution Provider. We have more than 15 years experience in supporting businesses in implementing the GS1 Standard. This encompasses label management, barcode scanning, EDI (electronic data exchange) as well as the supply of masterdata to GS1 Datapools.
  • We also offer One2Label Automation to be able to quickly and automatically generate SSCC labels from your ERP- or WMS-system. Additionally, we offer the T2S EDI Platform for automatic receival and sending of EDI messages from your ERP-system.

More information

For more information you can get in touch with our Palletlabel team at 0180 545151 or visit one of the following pages: