What’s needed to use Palletlabel?

A code package needs to be ordered through GS1 Netherlands first, afterwards you can order your subscription to Palletlabel. After we’ve set up your own personalized environment, you’ll receive credentials to start generating your very own SSCC labels.

Do I need specific hard- or software to use Palletlabel?

No, Palletlabel is a Cloud application, also known as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. It’s easily accessible through the web.

How soon can I get started?

SSCC Label EDI PalletlabelAfter ordering your subscription and sending us all the needed information to setup your Palletlabel environment, you’ll be able to generate your first labels within two working days. You’ll also receive a personal training over the phone to explain the workings of your secured environment.

What’s an SSCC?

SSCC stands for Serial Shipping Container Code and is a GS1 code used to uniquely identify shipping units (such as pallets). Each unit has a globally unique number using this code, which means that you can trace your shipments not just within your company but through the entire logistic chain. Traceability guaranteed.

Do I have to create my own SSCCs?

No, Palletlabel generates the SSCC based on your GS1 company prefix or code package. The codes are validated immediately, and you can always retrieve the information that was entered based on the SSCC.

Our company already uses Code128. Can we use this symbology to encode the SSCCs?

The Code128 isn’t the same as the GS1-128 symbology. The GS1 codes, including the SSCC, must always be encoded in the GS1 128 as dictated by the international standard. Using the code 128 would cause problems in the worldwide identification.

Am I limited to a specific label?

No, our application generates labels that are setup to meet your requirements. Palletlabel works in a modular fashion, uses webservices and has been developed based on our proven labeling and rendering engine, which is used by customers all over the world since 2002. The engine enables us to create custom labels with dimensions that match your printers.

How do I print the SSCC labels?

You can print the GS1 labels on an Office or Industrial printer. Read more at ‘Printing SSCC Labels‘.

Aside from the SSCC labels, I also need DESADV messages. Is this possible?

SSCC Label retail Yes, Palletlabel can easily be extended with the EDI module. You’ll be able to use your personalized environment to generate SSCC labels and send out DESADV (GS1 dispatch) messages including the SSCC codes.

Is it possible to simultaneously work from multiple locations?

Palletlabel is an online solution which can be used by multiple users at different locations. The application ensures that codes are unique, and actions are traceable. It’s possible to create your own reports and see who generated which label where and with what data.

How many users can I have?

As an administrator you can create and manage your own users, using the included Admin module. Users can be setup as another administrator or as an operator. There’s no additional cost for creating extra users; a Palletlabel subscription includes a limitless number of users.

What’s the difference between an administrator and operator?

Besides creating GS1 SSCC labels, administrators also have access to the data management parts of Palletlabel. This means they can create, modify and delete data such as GTINs and GLNs. An operator can only view this information and generate labels. It’s possible to grant access to the application to an external distributing party, so they can use your information to generate shipping labels, without running the risk data may be altered. Palletlabel is then used as an online (vendor) Portal.

What’s a GTIN?

The GTIN, Global Trade Item Number, is used to uniquely identify trade items, such as products or services. Each product can be globally uniquely identified with this code, making it possible to trace your products through the entire logistic chain.

Can I use Palletlabel to record my EANs /GTINs?

SSCC Label GTIN Absolutely! The GTIN module is a standard part of each Palletlabel environment. The module lets you centrally manage your product codes. Palletlabel works with the GTIN, which is a 14-digit code. EAN 13 codes can also easily be stored in this module by prepending a leading zero.

What’s a GLN?

The GLN, Global Location Number is a unique code to identify locations. GLN codes uniquely define locations so there’s no confusion possible when it comes to the pickup location of a shipment. These GS1 codes can be centrally managed using the GLN module of Palletlabel.

Which modules are included in Palletlabel?

A standard setup includes the GLN, GTIN, Palletlabel and Admin module. These modules contain all that’s needed to generate SSCC labels. If you also need GS1 product labels or electronic delivery notes, the personalized secure environment can easily be extended with the Productlabel and EDI modules.

Can I integrate Palletlabel into my IT landscape?

For integration into an IT landscape we recommend One2Label Automation. It uses trigger files generated by your WMS, ERP or other IT systems to generate and print labels without human interaction. If your own IT landscape can’t create SSCC codes, we can implement a combination of Palletlabel SaaS and One2Label Automation.