Exact online and SSCC labels

In need of GS1 logistic labels with SSCC codes, but you can’t generate the unique codes?

Integrate the Palletlabel webservice into your existing IT environment to add GS1 SSCC labels capabilities, and generate logistic labels including the unique SSCC codes.

How does it work?

You have Exact Online at your disposal. In this system you have relevant GS1 data* stored, such as the GS1 location code (GLN) of your customer and GS1 product codes (GTIN/EAN), and other required information for your shipping label. The only thing that’s missing are SSCC codes, which are an essential part of the GS1 logistic label.

* In case the other GS1 data are not available to you, please check out our Palletlabel SaaS application.

Have your IT system make Palletlabel Webservice calls

You can create the logistic label by letting your IT system make a Palletlabel web service SOAP or REST call:

  1. Consume our Palletlabel web service, providing the required GS1 Data such as the location codes (GLN) and article codes (GTIN/EAN) and information such as batch and best before date.
  2. The webservice generates the required SSCC codes and creates a logistic label that meets your clients’ requirements.
  3. We either save the label as PDF file on an agreed upon location or respond with a data stream.


You can try out the Palletlabel webservice via our SSCC-label sample generator.

Our WordPress website palletlabel.com consumes our Palletlabel web service, which in turn generates the label, including SSCC, and then writes the data stream to a PDF file for you to open and simultaneously mails you the label.

It is that simple!

EDI and SSCC-labels with Exact Online

Would you like to generate GS1 labels and exchange EDI messages in the simplest possible way with Exact online?

With Semso we offer a unique solution specifically for organizations that supply retail and work with Exact Online.

Through this collaboration, we can offer you an integrated solution for SSCC labels and EDI directly from Exact online. Allowing you to meet the requirements that retailers set.

Would you like to know more?

Please feel free to call us at +31 180 545151 or send us an e-mail at info@palletlabel.nl.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about the advantages that this integrated solution can offer you.