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About Palletlabel

Palletlabel's mission is to add value to the supply chains of each and every of our customers when they want to, or have to, comply with GS1 standards to label goods that they manufacture, transport, or trade in.

As an organization, we do not only strive to do this as a Certified GS1 Solutions Provider by supporting the implementation and integration processes, but also by making pallet labels with an SSCC code, and the GS1 dispatch advice message that goes along with it, as simple, accessible and quick as possible for you, the user.

GS1 Solution Provider

Palletlabel is an initiative of Type 2 Solutions. Type 2 Solutions is a GS1 Solution Provider. Palletlabel is certified by GS1 Nederland, GS1 UK, GS1 US and approved by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.

EDI partner Babelway

Besides the possibility to create the SSCC label, Palletlabel 'Software-as-a-Service' with EDI also enables you to create and send the matching GS1 dispatch advice message through EDI. To do this we work in close collaboration with Babelway.

Our contact details

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