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How can I start using GS1 bar codes and Palletlabel?

You first need to become a member of GS1. You can do that by contacting your local GS1 office. After that, you sign up for a Palletlabel subscription.

Do I need special hard- or software to use Palletlabel?

No, you do not. Palletlabel is a label management service that is accessible through the web. Built to web standards, it is easy and quick to implement. For more information, please click here.

How long does it take before I can start generating labels?

It will take an average of two business days after completing your subscription and forwarding the necessary information to the Palletlabel team for your customized user environment to be accessible. For more information, please click here or contact us.

What are the benefits of using GS1 labels, SSCCs and the GS1 DESADV message?

Receive and register goods faster;
Be able to track and trace goods;
Reduce the number of clerical errors.

Can I maintain GS1 article codes (GTIN) for my products on Palletlabel?

Yes, you can. Palletlabel includes online GTIN creation and maintenance, all in one centralized data environment. Do you use the EAN-13 code for your products? Not a problem, Palletlabel can easily convert an EAN-13 code into a GTIN.

What is an SSCC?

The SSCC, or Serial Shipping Container Code, is a code that is used to track and identify individual logistic units in the supply chain such as pallets. Each unit that is fitted with an SSCC can be identified everywhere, inside your own business but also in the entire supply chain.

Do I have to create my own SSCC codes?

No, you do not. Palletlabel uses your GS1 subscriber code to automatically generate and maintain SSCC codes for you.

Our company already uses Code128 bar codes. Can we use that to generate the SSCC bar codes?

No, you cannot. Code128 and GS1-128 are two different things. The bar codes, including the SSCC bar codes, have to be generated in the GS1-128 symbology to be usable and identifiable worldwide.

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